Arcanist is a Normal Class developed by ShadowSong3.


  • Arcanist is incredibly efficient at playing aggressive, and is recommended to do so. Because Catalysts can be detonated via Riftwalk, E > F > LMB > Q > LMB is a powerful combo that deals insanely high damage to enemies that get hit by the full brunt of the combo.
  • Arcanist can also play defensively, by spamming E > Q at a range to poke their enemies. Doing so heavily limits your damage output, but is sometimes necessary in certain matchups where you wouldn't want to get close,
  • Spell Flux leaves magic orbs at the targeted location, also known as Catalysts. These Catalysts can be used to zone of enemies who are afraid of their full potential in terms of damage, allowing you to effectively keep enemies away from specific areas or objectives such as the health pad. It can also be casted directly on top of yourself for easy detonation if an enemy tries to get too close to you.
  • Riftwalk is a useful ability that cleanses all status effects, including things like Reaper's Corruption, so using it to avoid bad statuses is never a bad idea, and should never be forgotten.
  • Riftwalk grants a huge shield if you have maximum Arcane Power, allowing you to tank a big hit if you have to. However, doing so will cut down on your damage potential, so try to use this sparingly.


  • Arcanist is rather vulnerable to enemies that get up in its face, despite his aggressive playstyle. Classes like Berserker are able to effectively shut Arcanist down, as Riftwalk can only do so much for Arcanist.


Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Arcane Mastery Arcanist gains 25% Arcane Power whenever they cast Q or E, capping at 100%. LMB and F both consume Arcane Power to empower their next cast, consuming all charge. NA
LMB Mana Surge Arcanist fires an orb of magic forward that deals 14 damage, dealing 3 bonus damage per every 25% of Arcane Power. Consumes all Arcane Power on cast. 0.4s
Q Mystic Bolt Arcanist launches a fast moving orb of magic towards the target location that deals 12 damage. Upon hitting a Catalyst it explodes, dealing 12 damage and slowing nearby enemies by 40% for 1 seconds. 3s
E Spell Flux Arcanist sends an orb of mana towards the targeted location, floating at that location until it expires, or if it hits an enemy, it sticks to them and deals 6 damage. The Catalyst stays for 6 seconds before disappearing. When stuck on an enemy, it deals 6 damage and applies a 40% slow for 1 second. 4s
F Riftwalk Arcanist teleports to a target area after a 0.5 second delay, cleansing themselves of all negative effects before warping. Upon arrival, Arcanist appears in a burst of magic that slows nearby enemies by 60% for 1.5 seconds, as well as receiving a 15 health shield for 2.5 seconds that scales with Arcane Power, receiving 5 extra shield health but consuming all charge. Additionally, any Catalysts that are near Arcanist when they arrive are also detonated. 7s
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