Berserker is a Starter Class developed by ShadowSong3.





Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Rage Berserker becomes Enraged upon their health dropping below 65%. While Enraged, Berserker gains 5% increased damage for every 10 missing health. NA
LMB Cleave Berserker swings their axe, dealing 13 damage. Every third LMB is a spinning slash instead. 0.3s
Q Undertow Berserker throws their axe, dealing 10 damage and applying a 60% slow for 1.5 seconds. Cooldown is increased by 4 seconds upon hitting an enemy. 3s
E Vicious Blow Berserker leaps onto the targeted location, dealing 10 damage and applying a 90% slow for 0.5 seconds to all nearby enemies upon landing. 5s
F War Cry Berserker becomes enraged after a short delay, granting themselves a 30% for 4 seconds and increasing their damage by 50% during that time. Cleanses all negative status effects during the cast timer. 9s
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