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Blade Dancer is a Normal Class developed by DemonicSapphire.


  • Soaring Sword has a high damage cap, but most of the times isn't worth trying to go for as it's easy to avoid. Instead, using 3 Sword rather than all of them in hopes of bursting is a lot safer as the cooldown is shorter.
  • It's almost never worth it to use Soaring Sword's self cast variant, so instead target an area behind yourself, as the blades travel faster.
  • Dance of Swords can be used either aggressively or defensively, making it rather versatile. To use it aggressively, have your Swords in an area between you and your enemy, and dash to a Sword. When you arrive, cast Soaring Sword towards your enemy to hit them with a burst of damage. To use it defensively, wait for an enemy to try to jump on you, and dash to a Sword the instant you see them dashing. This works best when your Swords are spread out, as you can dash a second time to throw them off even more.
  • Requiem has a delay before it's activated which can be exploited through the use of Dance of Swords. While dashing, Blade Dancer is free to use any ability, and using Requiem while dashing means the startup delay is essentially over by the time you reach your destination.
  • Requiem's tick damage is active the very first frame the ability activates, meaning it can be used as an unreactable finisher if your enemy is low enough.



Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Sword Arts Blade Dancer's LMB creates embedded swords that stay at the targeted location until activated. Blade Dancer can have up to 6 swords out at any given time. NA
LMB Bladed Edge [ Requires 1 Sword ]

Blade Dancer sends a sword forward, dealing 9 damage to the first enemy it collides with. Upon reaching the targeted location or hitting an enemy, it embeds itself into the ground indefinitely.

Q Soaring Sword [ Requires at least 1 Sword ]

Blade Dancer fires all Swords to the targeted location, each dealing 13 damage and applying a 15% Slow for 1 second. When casted near themselves, the Swords home in on Blade instead. Consecutive hits deal 2 reduced damage. The cooldown scales with however many Swords were used.

1s - 4s
E Dance of Swords [ Requires at least 1 Sword ]

Blade Dancer dashes to a Sword nearest to the cursor's location. Can be recasted within 2.5 seconds to dash to another Sword.

F Requiem Blade Dancer opens a portal at the targeted location that unleashes a rain of blades beneath it for 3.5 seconds, dealing 3 damage every 0.5 seconds. Enemies inside of the area receive a 15% Slow until they exit the area. 7s