Cleric is a Normal Class developed by ShadowSong3, originally debuting in CZA.


  • Generating and maintaining your Retribution is the key to victory as Cleric, which is why you always want to stay on your toes during a fight. Cleric rewards patient playing as opposed to mindlessly rushing into a fight. Always aim to increase your Retribution in case things ever turn badly.
  • Cleric is a defensive class that relies on its tools to keep enemies at a safe distance from themselves so they can unleash an unrelenting barrage of steel fury onto their foes. Rebuke is a powerful tool that pushes all enemies backwards, and applies a bleed if they're near the outer edge of the hitbox. This ability is incredibly useful for classes that try to get to close to you, such as Spartan or Reaper.
  • Rebuke is a straightforward ability that is used to knock enemies backwards and apply a bleed if executed correctly. However, instead of wasting it as damage fodder, if your enemy uses straightforward dashes, such as Spartan or Ninja, Rebuke can be used to cancel their dashes and send them flying away. This grants you both Retribution and nets some damage.
  • Forceful Smash is a hard ability to land, but it's rewarding when you do. In total, you deal high damage with just a singular ability cast, and with the stun duration you can land a guaranteed Flailing Flail as a guaranteed followup, adding even more damage in just a short trade.


  • Cleric has to keep track of their Retribution at all times so they don't start a fight that they can't win. When low on Retribution, Cleric is a rather easy target for enemies as it lacks any sustain or the damage to keep up. When fighting a Cleric, try to keep the damage taken a minimum to make the fight harder for them.
  • Clerics have a sort of trigger-finger, always ready to use Rebuke once anyone gets too close. Keep this in mind when fighting a Cleric, as you can dance around the edge of their range to bait out the attack. Once it's on cooldown, you're free to go to town.
  • Forceful Smash is a very scary ability for sure, but it's also very trick to land. Abuse this by strafing and moving unpredictably so that you can increase your chances of dodging the stun. Even if you get hit by the slow, you won't take as much damage and you can still trade back, assuming Rebuke is on cooldown.
  • Redemption is a powerful ability that scales with Retribution, with the heal and the defense buff becoming increasingly more powerful the more Retribution Cleric has.


Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Retribution 10% of damage inflicted and received is converted into Retribution, capping at 40 Retribution. NA
LMB Flailing Flail Cleric sends their flail forward in a straight line, dealing 10 damage on the way out, and 7 damage on the way back. 0.3s
Q Rebuke Cleric swings their flail in a circle around themselves, dealing 10 damage to all nearby enemies. Enemies on the outer ring take 6 additional damage and are knocked backwards. For every enemy hit, Cleric gains 20% increased defense for 2 seconds. 7s
E Forceful Smash Cleric slams their flail into the ground at the targeted location, dealing 6 damage to enemies in a straight line, and in a circle at the end. Enemies hit by the line are slowed by 20% for 1.5 seconds, and enemies hit by the circle at the end are instead stunned for 1 seconds and instead take 14 damage. 5s
F Redemption [ Requires at least 50% Retribution ]

Cleric heals themselves for 20 health and grants themselves a 30% Defense buff for 3 seconds, as well as healing nearby allies for 15 health. For every 10% of Retribution after 50%, Cleric heals themselves for 2 additional health and grants 4% additional defense.

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