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Crystal Bruiser (CB) is a Normal Class reworked by ShadowSong3.


  • Always wait until you land a hit with Crystalline Shift before engaging a fight. Careless engages with Cataclysm probably won't be too successful as it's obviously choreographed.
  • Poke with Emerald Splash whenever you can. It's easy to land due to its automatic explosion, and the slow allows you to easily followup with Crystalline Shift.
  • Cataclysm is best used after pulling an enemy with Crystalline Shift, as they're unable to avoid the large AoE immediately after being pulled, unless they have the mobility to close a decent distance.
  • Inversely, if you think that the enemy is capable of escaping your Cataclysm or has already done so, if you haven't yet used you Cataclysm, you can use it to pull people back into the AoE before the second shockwave erupts. Unlike the rest of his abilities, Crystalline Shift doesn't have a bonus effect when hitting someone that's affected by Crystals, so you don't have to worry about the debuff being consumed and not being able to land the root.


  • When CB doesn't have any Crystal Shards remaining to throw out, the fight becomes a lot easier to win. Not only do they maximize his damage output, they also are the main source of shield regeneration. If you can get them to waste their Crystal Shards before one of you engages the fight, you'll catch them at a disadvantageous state, ultimately making the fight easier to win.


Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Crystal Veil CB passively generates a permanent 40 health shield. Picking up Crystal Fragments dropped by CB's other abilities heals their shield for 6 health. 5s
LMB Excavate CB covers their fists in gemstones and throws a punch that deals 12 damage. After casting 2 abilities, the next Excavate deals 4 additional damage and grants 6 Shield health. Hitting an enemy with Crystals consumes the effect to heal your shield for 6 health. 0.2s
Q Crystalline Shift CB summons a crystal wall at the targeted location which reels back towards themselves after a short delay. While travelling, enemies hit by the wall are dragged towards CB.

If casted near themselves, CB instead flings themselves forward.

E Emerald Splash [ Requires 1 Crystal Shard ]: CB sends a crystal spike forward that explodes upon hitting an enemy or reaching its maximum range, dealing 7 damage and inflicting a 60% Slow for 0.8 seconds to all nearby enemies. Drops a Crystal Fragment upon hitting an enemy. Hitting an enemy with Crystals consumes the effect to heal your shield for 6 health. 1s
F Cataclysm CB leaps to the targeted location, causing a vicious tremor that deals 5 damage to all nearby enemies and applying Crystals for 4 seconds. The ground erupts again after a 1 second delay, dealing 14 damage and consuming Crystals to inflict a 1.5 second Root. 7s