Hunter is a Normal Class developed by ShadowSong3.


  • Bear Trap is a great ability that is capable of maximizing Hunter's real damage potential. When an enemy is rooted, Hunter is able to use LMB > E > (LMB) in quick succession to deal insane burst damage in rapid succession.
  • On top of being incredibly good for maximizing Hunter's damage, Bear Trap is also very versatile. Hunter can use it in close proximity of themselves or even directly on top of themselves to make advances harder for the enemy, as well as just as a defensive tactic to instantly root an enemy that's already on top of Hunter. Once an enemy is rooted, Hunter can follow up on that enemy with a huge burst of damage.
  • Forage is an aggressive ability that empowers Precise Shot, as well as entirely resetting the cooldown of the ability. Doing so allows Hunter to quick deal a burst of damage to their foes. It can also be prepped, though you'd have to not use Precise Shot at all until you rooted an enemy with Bear Trap.
  • Hawk Shot is a useful tool that really only sees its use in close to medium range. It's mainly used as a defensive tool in case Bear Trap is on cooldown and an enemy is getting close to Hunter. It can be used to knock enemies backwards mid dash, effectively cancelling it and nullifying their approach.


  • Hunter's Bear Trap is easily manageable if you see it being placed. If you pay attention to where he placed his trap and maneuver around it, you'll be able to fight him on even ground.
  • Strafing and jumping allow for easy dodging of Hunter's Precise Shot, and will reduce the damage you receive by a large amount. The more unpredictably you move around, the easier the fight will be for you.


Ability Name Description Cooldown
LMB Precise Shot Hunter fires an arrow from their bow, dealing 17 damage to all enemies it passes through. Hitting an enemy with Hunter's Mark consumes the effect to heal Hunter for 15 health and deal 5 additional damage. 0.7s
Q Bear Trap Hunter throws a bear trap at the target location that lasts for 7 seconds, inflicting a 1.3 second root and a 10 damage Bleed to the first enemy that steps on it. 6s
E Forage Hunter tips their next arrow in poison, causing it to deal 8 additional damage and inflict a 10 damage Poison over 4 seconds. Resets the cooldown of Precise Shot. 4s
F Hawk Shot Hunter summons their eagle companion, dealing 12 damage, applying Hunter's Mark for 7 seconds, and knocking all enemies it passes through backwards. Can be recasted within 0.6 seconds to roll in the direction that Hunter is moving in. 7s
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