Ignis is a Starter Class developed by Aeodile.


  • Blaze is the main thing that you want to focus on when playing Ignis. Keeping stacks on enemies to maximize your damage is important, but don't waste your protection abilities just to activate it unless you're confident you can win without it.
  • Inferno Spire is Ignis's main tool for protecting themselves. Hold onto it during a fight for when enemies try to close in on you, allowing you to deal damage, apply Blaze stacks, and knock enemies backwards. However, there is a slight delay on it, so you have to make sure you don't use it too early or too late.
  • Volcanic Eruption is a rather weak fodder ability with a large hitbox. Although it's easy to land, it doesn't actually reward you for using it aggressively because you can't follow-up on it at any time because the stun is so short. Due to this, just save it for when enemies are approaching you to keep enemies away from yourself, then use Inferno Spire if needed to increase the gap between you and them even further. However, if you're feeling risky you'll be able to land a single fireball from Dragon Flame Barrage during the short stun, though you'll be stuck in the channel until the ability ends.
  • Dragon Flame Barrage is Ignis's main poke ability. It's a channel that allows you to fire 3 flaming projectiles forward in quick succession, dealing moderate damage if all blasts hit. It's on a very short cooldown, making it Ignis's main poke ability to harass enemies from afar. However, using it haphazardly will result in you getting punished for it, as you're stuck in the channel while casting it.


  • Inferno Spire is an AoE ability that knocks all nearby enemies away from Ignis after a brief ~0.4 second delay. Because of the delay, you can bait it out by strafing near the outer edge of the ability, or becoming untargetable if possible.
  • Dragon Flame Barrage is a channeled ability that locks Ignis in an animation for a short time, allowing them to unleash deadly projectiles during that time. However, this ability is a double edged sword as Ignis is free to be attacked during this time and can only do a fixed amount of damage, whereas mostly any class could vastly out-damage them during this time.


Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Blaze Ignis' abilities apply stacks of Blaze, dealing 4 damage over 6 seconds to enemies it hits. Blaze can be stacked up to 3 times. At 3 stacks, the stacks are consumed to explode and deal 16 damage. NA
LMB Firebolt Ignis sends a blast of fire forward, dealing 12 damage to the first enemy it hits. 0.6s
Q Inferno Spire Ignis releases a spiral of flames around themselves, dealing 12 damage, applying Blaze, and knocking enemies backwards. 5s
E Volcanic Eruption Ignis causes a volcanic eruption at the targeted location, which erupts after a 0.8s delay. Nearby enemies take 10 damage, receive a stack of Blaze and are stunned for 1s. 4.5s
F Dragon Flame Barrage Ignis channels for 0.4s before unleashing 3 powerful blasts of fire over 1.1s, each blast exploding upon reaching its maximum range or hitting a target. Enemies caught in the explosion take 11 damage and receive a stack of Blaze. Consecutive hits on the same enemy deals 3 reduced damage. 5s
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