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Monk is a Normal Class developed by ShadowSong3 and Lunabella.





Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Tranquility Whenever Monk deals damage to an enemy, Monk gains a stack of Chi. At 3 stacks, all stacks of Chi are consumed to heal Monk and their nearby allies for 8 health, and grant a 10% damage buff for 5 seconds. NA
LMB Deliverance Monk sends their Anima forward, dealing 10 damage. Hitting an enemy reduces the next cast of Deliverance by 0.1 seconds, up to 3 times before resetting. Consecutive hits also deal 2 additional damage. 0.6s
Q Tandava Monk sends their Anima forward, dealing 3 damage and attaching itself to an ally or enemy for 2.5 seconds on hit. If attached to an enemy, they receive a 20% defense debuff while the Anima is attached. Monk can recast this ability while their Anima is attached onto an enemy, dashing to them and gaining a 70% defense buff for 0.8 seconds. If the attached target is an ally, they both gain the defense buff. 5s
E Ataraxia Monk dashes to the targeted direction, dealing 5 damage to enemies they pass through and granting themselves a 10% damage buff for 3 seconds. Dashing near an ally grants both Monk and their ally a 20% Haste for 1 second. 4.5s
F Respite Monk claps their hands, creating a Yin-Yang symbol underneath themselves. Nearby enemies are pacified, receiving the Disarm effect and a 20% Slow until they exit the area. 5s