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Ninja is a Starter Class developed by ShadowSong3, originally debuting in CZA. With its return in CZB, it was reworked by Lunabella.


  • Three-Point Strike is Ninja's main source of damage in their kit, and their damage output relies on the player's ability to proc it as much as possible. Every fourth Incision is a kunai throw that helps Ninja get free passive procs from a distance, so use this to your advantage. Stay out of range using your mobility to avoid damage until you land a kunai to activate your passive shuriken.
  • While Ninja has Three-Point Strike ready, use them during the dash of Swift Strike to deal a large amount of burst to a single target. This is known as Wavedashing.
  • Substitute is a short distance blink that can be used to narrowly avoid taking potentially lethal hits, such as Spartan's F, which leads to massive damage.
  • Swift Strike is a medium distance dash that deals damage to all enemies Ninja passes through, and reduces the cooldown for every enemy that receives damage while Ninja is dashing. This includes damage from other abilities, meaning a Wavedash will reset your cooldown entirely.


  • Because Ninja is primarily melee, once they have shuriken ready to use, they will look for an engage to deal a large amount of burst damage. However, this also means that they are susceptible to damage as well as they have to get close to you.
  • Ninja is actually really bad at dealing with large AoE, as Substitute's range typically isn't long enough to get out of it so long as he's near the center of it. Because of this, things like Ignis's Volcanic Eruption are very good for punishing them.


Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Three-Point Strike Upon dealing damage to an enemy with an ability, Ninja's next Incision causes them to throw 3 shuriken forward in a wide fan in front of themselves, each dealing 9 damage. Consecutive hits deal 2 reduced damage. 2s
LMB Incision Ninja quickly swings their tanto, dealing 11 damage in a small fan in front of themselves. Every fourth Incision instead throws a kunai forward, dealing 10 damage. 0.2s
Q Substitute Ninja blinks to the targeted location, disappearing in a puff of smoke as well as leaving a random object at their previous location for 3 seconds. 5s
E Swift Strike Ninja dashes forward, dealing 10 damage to all enemies they pass through. Hitting an enemy while dashing reduces the cooldown of this ability by 1 second. 3s
F Twilight Shroud Ninja throws a smoke bomb to the targeted location, applying a 40% Slow for 1 second. Enemies that are inside of the smokescreen are Blinded until they exit it. Additionally, while Ninja is inside of the smokescreen they are Camouflaged, and gain 20% Haste while inside of it.

Using an ability periodically reveals Ninja, revealing them for 1.5 seconds before Camouflaging them again so long as they re-enter the cloud.