Paladin is a Normal Class developed by ShadowSong3.




Ability Name Description Cooldown
LMB Blessed Bash Paladin swings their hammer, dealing 14 damage. The first LMB stuns enemies hit for 0.5 seconds, but cannot be applied more than once per every 5 seconds. 0.3s
Q Divine Judgement Paladin calls down a hammer of light to the targeted location after a brief 0.75 second delay. Enemies struck by the hammer take 10 damage and are slowed by 80% for 2 seconds. 5s
E Light of Sanctity Paladin channels before releasing an explosive burst of light, granting Paladin and all nearby allies a 20 health shield for 2 .5 seconds. Nearby enemies have their defenses reduced by 45% for 2 seconds and receive a 1 second blind. 6s
F Heavenly Aegis Paladin begins channeling for 1 second, cleansing all negative status effects. After the channel ends, Paladin shrouds themselves in a shield of light which grants them Immunity for 2.5 seconds. 9s
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