Priest is a Starter Class developed by ShadowSong3.


Priest is a utility support who can control enemies with their powerful debuffs and disruptive abilities. Their kit revolves around applying defense debuffs to weaken their foes, allowing themselves and their allies to deal more damage.

However, because of their ability to constantly apply defense debuffs to their enemies, Priest's base damage is incredibly low. Short fights are Priest's worst enemy, as Priest only wins when a fight is as drawn out as possible.


  • Always try to poke enemies with Purify, as it's your main way to apply your armor shred. You don't really have any drawbacks to using it, so fire away.
  • Banish is a useful ability that creates an explosion at the targeted area which deals damage and knocks enemies backwards. When an enemy is near you, using this on yourself and the enemy will not only knock them back, but will also grant you a useful speed boost which will allow you to run away quickly.
  • Radiance is Priest's bread and butter ability. It allows you to stun enemies after they've been hit by an LMB 4 times, which is incredibly useful. The stun duration is also very long, which completely decimates foes.
  • Consecrated Ground is a strong ability that applies a constant debuff to nearby enemies inside of an area, while simultaneously applying buffs to allies. This quickly shreds foes while strengthening your allies, so try to use it in a fight when people are bunched together. Or, if you're by yourself, use it after a stun from Radiance to get extra armor shred on.


  • Priest doesn't actually have any high damage dealing abilities, so short fights can be really bad for them. This makes hit and run very strong against them, as Priest won't really be able to do anything back besides a bit of chip damage.


Ability Name Description Cooldown
LMB Purify Priest calls upon a burst of light at the targeted location, dealing 8 damage and reducing the defense of all enemies hit by 5% for 4 seconds. Additional hits stack the debuff and refresh the duration. 0.8s
Q Banish Priest summons an orb of light at the targeted location, which explodes upon reaching the ground. Nearby enemies caught in the explosion receive 10 damage and are knocked away from it. Inversely, allies that are inside of the explosion receive a 15% Haste for 2 seconds. 3s
E Radiance Priest fires a beam of light forward, dealing 11 damage, applying a 25% Slow for 1 second, and marking enemies hit with Radiance for 5.5 seconds. If an ally hits an marked enemy with a basic attack, the marked enemy receives 1 stack and the ally that struck them is healed for 5 health. Upon reaching 4 stacks, the enemy is stunned for 1.5 seconds. 5s
F Consecrated Ground Priest summons a holy field of light at the targeted location for 3 seconds. Every 0.5 seconds, a pulse of light is sent outwards, granting nearby allies a 5% defense buff for 3 seconds, while enemies have their defense reduced by 5% for 3 seconds. 9s
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