Reaper is a Normal Class developed by DemonicSapphire.


  • Lacerate generates stacks of Corruption on every hit to enemies that already have stacks, so spamming it as much as possible until you have to retreat is always a good idea. Having as many stacks as possible before they eventually detonate is a surefire way to secure your victory.
  • Shadow Grasp is your main engage tool, and also your main disengage tool. For a quick combo, you can do Q > F > Q to deal damage quickly and safely. Don't use the recast of Nightmare, as that way you can wait for the cooldown of Shadow Grasp and use it immediately after exiting an enemy. This combo will slowly chip through enemies that can't punish you for using it.
  • Shadow Veil is Reaper's counter, and it can be used either aggressively or defensively. Because it empowers your next Lacerate' within a 3 second window, this ability is most commonly used aggressively. However, there is a high-risk high-reward way you can use it as both. When using Shadow Grasp, you can use Shadow Veil immediately or shortly afterwards as people will try to get a hit on you when you jump on them. This will activate the counter, allowing you to punish your enemy.
  • When using Nightmare, Reaper will tether with the first enemy they hit. On recast, Reaper will dash in the targeted direction, allowing them to mess with their foes. To avoid being predicted with your dashes, depending on the skill of the player it's better to act in different ways. If the player is a low level, dash behind them or to the side of them to disorient them. If the player is a high level, dash in front of them or to the side of them to mix them up and prevent them from reading you.
  • If you think you're going to get hit by something powerful that can't be countered, depending on the range of the ability you should use Nightmare to avoid incoming damage. While tethered to an enemy, Reaper is entirely immune, allowing them to 'tank' a lot of damage that they wouldn't be able to normally.



Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Corruption Deals 1 damage per second for 7 seconds before dealing damage equal to the number of stacks when the effect's duration expires. NA


Phantom Cut

Reaper slashes with their scythe, dealing 10 damage. Hitting an enemy affected by Corruption applies 3 stacks and refreshes the duration.

Reaper spins around with their scythe, applying Phantom Cut and 5 stacks of Corruption to all enemies hit.

Q Shadow Grasp Reaper transforms into a hand of darkness, crashing into the targeted location. Upon reaching the targeted location they release a burst of shadow that deals 10 damage, applies an 80% Slow for 1 second, and applies 10 stacks of Corruption. The cooldown of this ability is reduced by 1.6 seconds upon hitting an enemy, but doesn't stack. 4.5s
E Shadow Veil Reaper enters a counter stance for 1 second, turning their next Shadow Slice into Phantom Cut for 3 seconds if the counter is not activated. Upon getting hit by any Melee attack or Projectile, the counter is activated, and Reaper turns into an immaterial shadow, granting Reaper Immaterial and a 30% Haste for 1 second. 7s
F Nightmare Reaper turns into a shadow dashes forward, tethering with an enemy on contact for 2 seconds. While tethered, Reaper is completely invulnerable until the duration expires or on recast. After the tether duration expires, Reaper dashes to the targeted location, detonating all stacks of Corruption to deal 100% of the stack damage. 7s
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