Combat Zero Wiki

Game Rules

  • Don't be a weenie. Be respectful to other people in chat. This doesn't include banter with friends, but if asked to stop, just stop.
  • Don't abuse bugs. If you find a bug report it immediately to the discord instead of abusing it to win. Any players caught doing this will be punished severely.
  • No exploiting. If you friend/support/help the exploiter, you will be regarded as an accomplice and will be punished alongside the exploiter.

Community Guidelines

These are general guidelines that we would prefer you to follow. None of these are against the rules so to speak, with obvious exceptions however.

  • Avoid teaming with other people to win. You're allowed to do so, but it is heavily frowned upon. This does not apply in team based gamemodes for obvious reasons, but only in soloes. Additionally, teaming is against the rules if your team is more than 3 people.
  • Try not to interrupt 1v1s during Solo Elimination, it's just annoying. If it's Deathmatch or Team Elim however, feel free to do whatever.
  • Use common sense. If you think something would be against the "Unspoken Rules" feel free to report it to the reports channel in the discord.

Wikia Rules

  • Do not vandalize any content. Although all pages are protected (or at least supposed to be), if you do have power and misuse it, you will lose it permanently.
  • Do not post any NSFW material anywhere on this wiki.
  • Do not bully other people. Overly critical criticism will be counted as bullying. However, constructive criticism is fine. Just keep it respectful.
  • Do not harass, poke fun at, or otherwise aggravate admins. This depends on the admin's tolerance, but you will be punished depending on their temperament.