Soldier is a Starter Class developed by ShadowSong3.


  • Soldier has a special tech known as RC's, which stands for Round Conversion. Essentially, its just switching weapons while a bullet from Salvo is still travelling, changing its properties to the other weapon's empowered effect. For example, performing an RC with Shotgun would allow you to apply a huge stacking defense debuff because each shot would apply the debuff.
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Ability Name Description Cooldown
PSV Laser Ammo Each Salvo shot requires 1 Laser Ammo on cast. The last shot is empowered and deals 25% additional damage. Upon reaching 0 Laser Ammo, Soldier automatically reloads their weapon. 2s
LMB Salvo [ Requires 1 Laser Ammo ]

Rifle: Fire a laser round, dealing 15 damage to the first enemy it hits. Empowered rounds apply a 35% defense debuff and applies a 20% Slow

Shotgun: Fire a volley of 5 laser rounds, each dealing 5 damage to the first enemy it hits. Consecutive hits deal 0.5 reduced damage. Empowered rounds knock enemies backward.

Q Plasma Rocket Soldier fires a plasma rocket in an arc that explodes upon hitting an enemy or when it reaches the targeted location, dealing 13 damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them away from the explosion. If Soldier is near the explosion, they are boosted by the rocket, but take 40% of the damage. 5s
E Explosive Release Soldier releases an explosive blast in from of themselves, dealing 8 damage and inflicting an 80% Slow and Blind for 1.4 seconds. 4s
F Combat Roll Soldier rolls in the direction that they're moving in, and switches weapons, reloading their Laser Ammo. Successful Salvo hits (only once for Shotgun rounds) reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 second. 5.5s
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