Spartan is a Starter Class developed by ShadowSong3.


  • Spartan is a very versatile class that can tank, burst, and zone all at once. However, Spartan excels at catching people out of position, thanks to Spartan Charge. Due to this ability, Spartan can grapple someone and pull their foes with them, dealing damage and stunning them. As a Spartan, you should always be looking for a chance to charge into someone.
  • Spear Throw is a strong projectile that allows Spartan to throw their spear, but lose access to it for 3 seconds. When it hits an enemy, it applies a crippling slow that makes your Spartan Charge easier to land, as they will struggle to run away due to the slow.
  • Shield Bash is a multipurpose ability that can be used either in preparation to tank a heavy hit, or purely aggressively as a knockback and combo ender.


  • Spartan struggles to do much if they're facing against a class with easy to land knockback. If timed correctly, Spartan Charge will be cancelled each and every time by the knockback, sending Spartan flying away and losing the trade. However, doing so too late will result in you knocking them backwards, but you will be 'hit' by the dash, dragging you with them.


Ability Name Description Cooldown
LMB Serrated Stab Spartan attacks with their sword or spear, dealing 13 damage. 0.2s
Q Spear Throw Spartan throws their spear, dealing 11 damage, inflicting a 60% Slow for 1.2 seconds, and a 10 damage Bleed over 5 seconds. Switches Spartan's weapon to a sword for 3 seconds. 5s
E Shield Bash Spartan charges forward with their shield, dealing 10 damage and knocking enemies hit backwards. Grants Spartan a 70% Defense buff for 2.5 seconds. 6s
F Spartan Charge [ Hold 0.6s - 1.4s ]

Spartan dashes forward, dealing 14 damage and dragging enemies hit along the way. Dragged enemies are stunned for 0.5 seconds. Enemies hit by the charge are always placed in front of you when the dash ends.

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